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School Life

St. Augustine School is a fully accredited K-8 through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association for the state of Ohio.

Each member of the teaching staff is state-certified in his or her content and age level as well as possesses Diocese of Cleveland religion certification.

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St. Augustine Catholic School provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that is a balance of academics, religion, and special subjects—such as music, art, Spanish, physical education, and technology. Each classroom features a modern Cleartouch interactive board, iPads, laptops, and access to Chromebooks.

Students graduate as 8th graders with a broad knowledge base that serves them well through their high school and college years.

Programs and Activities


In addition to forming the hearts and minds of our students, St. Augustine Catholic School offers a variety of athletic programs. 

As representatives of St. Augustine, all team members and their parents are expected to reflect credit and honor upon their school by their actions and attitudes.

St. Augustine School Choir

Students in third through eighth grade may join the St. Augustine School Choir. The school's chior prcatices during school. Students in the school's choir learn valuable skills, such as reading music, matching pitch, and harmonizing.

Drama Club

Drama club is open to students fourth through eighth grade who enjoy acting, singing, dancing, and helping back stage. Students work together to create performances, build self confidence and creativity, and learn production technology.

CYO Athletics

Cross country, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, & Track and Field

Purpose of CYO Athletics
The purpose of the CYO athletic program is to provide students the opportunity to experience spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth through participation in a variety of sports. CYO athletic participation is open to day school and the parish's PSR students. When done with effective leadership, no other learning experience allows young people to acquire so much information about themselves and others.

Committed To Catholic Values

CYO Athletics shall enhance the spiritual development of CYO athletes through their participation in a pre-game prayer, a post game prayer, Team Mass Sunday and teaching our Faith through our example.

CYO Athletics shall contribute to the dignity of each athlete by accepting one another through compassion, respect, patience, kindness, humility and understanding.

CYO Athletics shall foster the development of inclusive communities with God as their center through the acceptance, uniqueness and appreciation of every athlete as a player on God's team.

CYO Athletics shall nurture a spirit of selfless service by providing opportunities and challenges to children as they learn about themselves and others by becoming more productive members in their parishes and communities.

The theme of CYO Athletics is "Participation is the Name of the Game". Mandatory participation rules for each player in every game strengthen their experience and their character. CYO Athletics provides a drug-free environment for all participants. Each athlete must declare himself or herself drug-free by signing a drug-free pledge before the season. A zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviors predicates the expectations for excellence.

The Christ-like aura of the pre-game and post-game prayer recited before every game by each athlete and coach defines the purpose of CYO Athletics. May every CYO experience be filled with child-like memories!