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Lunch Program

Breakfast/Lunch/Milk Program

Our school breakfast and lunch program is provided internally by St. Augustine School. Cafeteria fees must be paid in advance for the entire month. Currently, lunch prices are $3.00 per day. Each student is to pay for his or her own lunch. Checks are the preferred payment method and are payable to St. Augustine Cafeteria. Milk is sold daily at a cost of $0.50. If your child is absent during the month, deduct the amount from the next cafeteria fee.

Students who are eligible may qualify for free/reduced-price lunches, either on a yearly or temporary basis, as the need arises. Forms for this government program are sent to parents at the beginning of the school year and are available in the school office for the remainder of the school year. If necessary, we reserve the right to change prices and policies.

Students who pack their lunch should have their lunches clearly marked on the outside with their name and room number. No carbonated beverages may be brought to school as part of a packed lunch.

St. Augustine School particpates in the National School Lunch Program which allows students who qualify to recieve a free or reduced price breakfast and lunch.

Please read our Wellness Policy.